$10,000 ETH Giveaway — Celebrating Anniverseries The Kishu Way

Kishu Inu and Tenshi Community
3 min readAug 2, 2022

At Kishu, celebrating milestones adequately has become a crucial part of the project itself — and you all know that we LOVE to do it in high fashion.

Not too long ago we celebrated Kishu’s first anniversary by running giveaways, announcements, and partnerships for an entire week.

Prizes of all sorts have been given out; ETH, Kishu, NFTs , you name it.

July 31st marked the first anniversary of Kishu’s sidekick — Tenshi!

The Robin to our Batman, the Luigi to our Mario, the Chewbacca to our Han Solo; you get the point!

Without the existence of one of them, the story would be incomplete and quite frankly, boring!

That is exactly how we feel about Tenshi as well.

Recently, our community expressed their profound desire for us to bring more partnerships and utilities to Tenshi; and we have been working on that ever since, bringing more use cases, listings, and utilities to our little angel.

But first and foremost, we want to invite you to Tenshi’s birthday party!

And because it’s Tenshi’s birthday, we will be hosting a HUGE two-week giveaway of $10,000 in ETH where 10 lucky winners who fulfill the requirements to participate in the giveaway will earn $1000 in ETH each.

The giveaway will be going on for two full weeks from the posting of this article, starting Aug 2 until Aug 16.

Update: the giveaway will be going on for 3 weeks; from Aug 2 until Aug 23 — the community has cast their vote, we have listened.

There are a couple of simple rules one has to follow to be eligible for the giveaway, and they are as follows;

  1. Users will need to buy $100 of either Kishu or Tenshi on Uniswap — buys outside of Uniswap will not be considered eligible — below you can find the correct addresses for both tokens — it is important to note that multiple entries are ALLOWED
    Kishu contract address: 0xa2b4c0af19cc16a6cfacce81f192b024d625817d
    Tenshi contract address: 0x52662717e448be36cb54588499d5a8328bd95292
  2. Users will need to send their transaction hash, through which we will determine the validity of the transaction
  3. Users will need to hold the tokens for the duration of the contest (two full weeks) — selling during the duration of the contest will result in disqualification
  4. Users will need to follow the official Kishu and Tenshi Twitter accounts (https://twitter.com/InuKishu — Kishu) (https://twitter.com/tenshicoin_io - Tenshi) and join our official Telegram channel (@KishuInuCommunity) and the voice of Kishu,
    Robinhood (https://twitter.com/robinhood_star1)

This will be one of the biggest giveaways we have done lately, and we can’t wait to distribute the prizes to the lucky winners.

With that said — we would like to touch upon the previously mentioned topic; partnerships.

We have a couple of them lined up and in talks for both Kishu and Tenshi, as well as the Kishu Kingdom Beta launch just around the corner.

Exciting times are ahead, Kishuarmy — we promise you that, and you will witness it yourself.

If there are any questions regarding the giveaway, please do not hesitate to contact any of our mods and they will be more than happy to help you out!

Disclaimer: Please note that all initiatives within the Kishu Ecosystem are spearheaded by dedicated community volunteers. As such, the functionality, features, and timelines of these projects are fluid and may undergo changes. Participation in these initiatives should not be construed as financial advice. We encourage our community members to conduct their own research and consider their financial situations carefully before engaging with any project.