Hi, Kishu community,

It’s been a while since we have talked to you through our Medium, and we apologize for that.

In the last couple of weeks, the crypto markets have been uncertain, to say the least; extreme volatility all over the board.

Besides the enormous volatility, one event has…

Hi, Kishu community,

This week kicked off something special for the project, something we are incredibly proud of.

With the release of Kishu Crate, we finished Phase 4 of our moon map, and with the release of our special Kishuverse collection, Kishu has officially kickstarted Phase 5!

Kishuverse features 8,888…

Hi, Kishu community,

This week has been a blast!

Kishu has officially launched its very own NFT platform; Kishu Crate!

Crate is a massive success, which marked the end of one chapter of our lives, but also the beginning of a new one.

With Kishu Crate being launched, we have…

Hi, Kishu community,

This week we wanted to do a short update on all the important things that have happened this week, and what awaits us during the next couple of days.

Let’s speak Kishu Crate; it is FINALLY happening! This week, we went through many different NFT submissions from…

Hi, Kishu community,

This week has been a blast for us!

The market has been bullish lately, and all the hard work, and persistence of the project throughout the last couple of months, have been reflected adequately in the charts.

You might have noticed how strong our socials have been…

Hi, Kishu community,

Lots has been happening from when we last spoke.

Ever since we exited “maintenance mode” — as we like to call it — we have been working around the clock to make new partnerships, marketing endeavors, and utilities happen for Kishu and Tenshi.

Here are some of…

Hi, Kishu community,

Firstly, we would like to apologize for not putting out a weekly recap last week — there were some real-life matters that some of our members had to take care of.

This week we have a short update.

As Kishu is mostly in maintenance and preparation mode…

Hi Kishu community!

This week’s update will be a shorter one.

To start off this week’s update — markets have started to show signs of meme season coming back — meaning we have started preparing whatever is needed for our master plan to be executed when meme season returns in…

Kishu Inu

Kishu Inu ($KISHU) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with instant rewards thanks to active users! Join the moon mission. 🐶

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