Announcing Kishu Crate’s first partner — Pet Puppies!

Kishu Inu
1 min readSep 2, 2021


With the upcoming release of KISHU CRATE, our NFT platform, we have been on the lookout for many artists and projects to partner with, to turn it into the best version it can be.

We are excited to announce KISHU CRATE’s first featured artist: Pet Puppies (! Pet Puppies will be doing a GIVEAWAY of 5 NFTs to our community, and making 5 additional NFTs available for farming as part of the CRATE beta!

The requirements for entering the giveaway are as follow:

1. You need to be holding at least $100 of Kishu Inu
2. You need to retweet, like, and tag three friends on this post: (link)
3. Follow @PetPuppiesNFTs on Twitter and join Pet Puppies Discord channel:
4. Fill out this form to verify you did those actions, and whitelist your wallet address for Pet Puppies to check your Kishu Inu holdings:

Stay tuned for more news related to the KISHU CRATE beta launch.

Good luck everyone!



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