ByBit — Kishu partnership, Kishu Kingdom Avatars

Kishu Inu
2 min readApr 17, 2022


Kishu is officially 1 year old! 🎉

The celebration of our first anniversary is starting off with a huge partnership announcement.

Kishu Kingdom is by far the biggest project we have ever worked on and its release will mark an unprecedented milestone for Kishu and on that note; how does partnering with one of the big shot exchanges in the crypto world sound to you?

Sounds amazing to us, and that is exactly why we are doing an NFT PARTNERSHIP WITH BYBIT! — an exchange that has one of the largest Bitcoin trading volumes in the world — ByBit! 🔥

But it doesn’t stop here either; we know how much you love our Kishuverse collection and we did promise that it will come to life in our upcoming metaverse game — but we feel like we owe a special kind of announcement and release for our birthday and this gigantic partnership; a milestone that will mark the first step of Kishu Kingdom and our relationship with ByBit- A NEW COLLECTION OF OFFICIAL KISHU NFTs LISTED ON BYBIT — KISHU KINGDOM AVATARS! 🐶

Kishu is the FIRST memecoin EVER to list a collection on ByBit’s NFT marketplace, which only shows our true strength and purpose; delivering even more utilities and value to an already developed ecosystem.

The NFT collection will be available for minting directly on ByBit — DO NOT FALL FOR POTENTIAL SCAMS ON OTHER PLATFORMS!

Our advice: create an account on ByBit in advance so you can react timely on the release and minting of the NFTs — past statistics show that most NFT collections listed on ByBit sell out in a matter of minutes.

There will also be a couple of special surprises planned for this particular partnership and release.

These avatars will play a key role in the game along with Kishuverse NFTs — where users will be able to see their cute and beloved doggos come to life!

This is the beginning of a flourishing relationship with one of the biggest exchanges in the entirety of crypto, which also carries more credibility and importance than you might know.

Once again, cheers to one year of Kishu and cheers to many more successful years to come! 🥂




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