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2 min readMar 20, 2022


Hi, Kishu community,

Several days have passed since the Dubai expo has finished and we are extremely satisfied with how things went.

Anndy is a trooper and true Kishu supporter and team member — he has shown incredible presenting and networking skills, as well as proven time and time again how cool of a guy he really is — Anndy, we appreciate you!

He absolutely owned the stage and entire expo, introducing the world to Kishu, creating some exceptionally important connections throughout the crypto-space.

Kishu has also won the award for the Best Community Token of 2022!

This one we will proudly present to all our current and future supporters — this could not have been possible without you and you have our deepest thanks.

During our presentation, Anndy revealed Project K — Kishu Kingdom, our very own metaverse project developed by MainLeaf — a well known company in the game development industry.

We are incredibly proud to announce the development of such a project and Kishu Kingdom represents an unprecedented milestone for Kishu as a project and an ecosystem.

Kishu Kingdom will be a play-to-earn trading card game, where players will be able to battle each other in the dynamic environment of many different arenas by having a well though-out strategy and playing the right cards (quite literally).

The style will be somewhat similar to other card games, such as Hearthstone; the players will be able to choose a hero and craft decks with related cards, using everything from weapons, pets, magical spells, etc. to defeat their opponents on the battlefield.

The game itself will include many aspects of our ecosystem, such as Kishuverse and Kishu Knights NFTs, which will also have their place in the game — so make sure to check out both collections!

The game development is progressing excellently as we speak and soon we will have a lot more material to show to you.

We will do this progressively, making sure we update our community about adequately.

You can find the trailer on all our socials, or just click here.

Apart from everything mentioned, the connections and people Anndy has met in Dubai carry significant importance when it comes to Kishu being listed on top tier exchanges.

With everything said — we have a lot more to show you and plan on delivering everything we promise.

We appreciate all the support and love we got from you and promise to not let you down.

Until next time, take care!



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