Kishu Crate Tutorial: Your Guide to Staking Tokens and Acquiring Unique NFTs!

Kishu Inu and Tenshi Community
3 min readOct 27, 2021


Hi, and welcome to the Kishu NFT Crate tutorial on how to stake tokens, earn points, and acquire your very own NFTs to trade on our marketplace!

Upon visiting, make sure to connect your wallet to the site first.

After doing so, users can choose which farm they want to stake their tokens in, to earn points which are used to then create, and collect unique NFT’s.

We’ll start by explaining how the option “Stake” works. By staking, you lock your tokens to earn points needed to create NFTs — please note that you can transfer these tokens to other wallets once locked, and all earned points up to that moment will not be lost.

After you have chosen the desired amount of WETH tokens you want to stake, and your tokens are locked, you will be earning more points every day — the longer your tokens stay staked, the more you earn.

In order to acquire WETH, all you have to do is visit link here KishuSwap, or Uniswap, and exchange your ETH for WETH. Please note that all NFTs are redeemed in ETH.

After doing so, you will see two tabs — “Staking” and “Earned” — showing you exactly how many tokens you have staked, and how many points you are earning (in real-time) for doing so. Every 1 WETH staked, users earn 10 points.

If you don’t want to keep your tokens locked in any longer, you can use the “Unstake” option, which will immediately allow you to unlock your staked tokens, while keeping all points earned up to that moment.

Kishu Crate offers users to stake their WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) on three different farms, which differ from one another based on the rarity of NFT’s users can create within them; common, rare, and legendary.

These farms include Kishu NFTs ONLY, but you can also join the “Openworld” farm, which contains artwork based on the artist’s expressive style, which may or may not be linked to cryptocurrencies.

Let’s take a look at what users can do in each of these farms.

Kishu Common farm

Our Common farm contains general copies of NFTs, where the staking is limited to 0.1 ETH, and the prices of the NFTs created in this farm, span from 0–0.01 ETH.

Maximum stake amount: 0.1 WETH
Maximum points earned per day: 1


Kishu Rare farm

Our Rare farm contains rare copies of NFTs, which have more unique features than the commons NFTs and have different restrictions applied.

Maximum stake amount: 0.5 WETH
Maximum points earned per day: 5

The prices of NFTs created in this farm, span from 0.02–0.2 ETH.


Kishu Legendary farm

Our Legendary farm contains only the rarest, most unique, and highly sought-after NFTs from our collection.

These farms contain legendary copies of NFTs, and the prices of NFTs created in this farm start from 0.2 ETH.

Maximum stake amount: 1 WETH
Maximum points earned per day: 10


Kishu Openworld farms

Kishu Other farm contains an unlimited amount of artwork (the artists decide), priced at the will of the artists. The artwork is non-Kishu related.

Maximum stake amount: 0.25 WETH
Maximum points earned per day: 2.5


After earning enough points, you will be able to redeem and create your very own NFTs, which will automatically appear in your wallet.

Make sure to check our hype video here:

And that’s it!

You have successfully joined the Kishu Crate NFT farms — hopefully, you’ll have as much fun discovering the artwork, as we had preparing it!