Passion Venture Capital: An Investment Fund’s Approach To Cryptocurrencies and Memecoins

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4 min readApr 19, 2022


Founder & CEO — Davy J Goh

Passion Venture Capital’s team with over 20 years of experience in the financial sector cumulatively, the Passion Venture Capital are experts in their industry, covering areas of fund management, banking, corporate advisory, and global markets equity research.

Collectively, the team has managed multi-billion assets and liabilities, credit underwriting, and credit insurance across 18 countries in Asia.

Passion Venture Capital was founded by Mr. Davy J Goh, a true visionary and expert in the financial industry. His more than three-decade-long experience in the industry emphasizes the importance of having a bigger picture and gathering experience working with both local and international companies.

Davy has started his professional journey in Canada, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and with a Major’s degree in Accounting, at the University of Calgary in 1987. He has worked at countless companies, many of which are among the biggest and most well-known companies in the world, such as UPS, CS First Boston, Citibank N.A., ABN AMRO Bank, and many others. For 12 years, he has worked at the Development Bank of Singapore across corporate and retail banking sectors.

While he is proficient in the areas mentioned above, his areas of expertise and excelling include formulation of business strategies, product management such as treasury, trade finance, cash management, factoring, hire purchase, corporate lending, and commercial cards. In the last six years, Davy has been appointed as a Regional CEO for Singapore and South East Asia for a Chinese financial conglomerate, both working with Fintech companies.

Passion Venture Capital’s investment strategy and philosophy is based on providing funding to early startups with a promising and bright future, as well as a detailed and thorough expansion plan.

For Passion Venture Capital, being early means being on time — which is exactly why their scouting searches for companies and projects to invest in early in order to fully embark on the journey of growing with the desired company/project. That exact strategy and philosophy are being implemented in their approach to cryptocurrencies as well; keeping an open-minded view on new technologies and investment opportunities and being adaptable is key to succeed in this market, especially when you create a fusion between being flexible and investing according to fundamentals.

One aspect of cryptocurrencies that is specifically interesting are meme coins, which have been catching attention the recent years more than ever. Many would agree and say that meme coins are the riskiest investment in cryptocurrencies, but statistics say otherwise.

The moment Dogecoin was created, investors liked the fun factor of the project, but more importantly; psychologically it felt better to get more coins for a lower price, instead of buying a fraction of Bitcoin or Ethereum, which made it more accessible to most investors.

That was the beginning of meme coins, especially dog-themed projects which took over the world by storm in the upcoming years. A couple of projects have followed Doge’s footsteps; Shiba Inu, Kishu Inu, and others. Among the mentioned, one project became the fastest growing project in the world before the market crash in May 2021; Kishu Inu.

Reaching an impressive 2.2 billion market cap in less than 2 weeks, Kishu Inu wrote history and became a worldwide known sensation, labeled „the fastest-growing meme coin in history“ right after Shiba had reached its glory.

Rise of the meme coins

To this day, many of these projects, including Kishu, are more than relevant and are drawing in more investors and more attention as they keep developing. It is important to note here that thousands of new meme coins arise every day and not all of them are willing to push as far as the projects mentioned before.

A striking amount of scams and “rug pulls“ happen on these projects — activities where the developers pull the rug, a slang used for removing the liquidity of a project, making it unable to conduct any transactions. Because of its shifty nature, it is so important to make the distinction between attention-worthy projects, such as the ones mentioned above, and projects that could potentially make investors lose their money.

Davy J. Goh says that, even though cryptocurrencies are shaping the economy and financial sector as we know it, certain regulations are very much needed.

More specifically, a regulation which protects investors from rug pulls and people with impure intentions. Crypto regulations will come most definitely and it will be a breaking point for the blockchain space, where it will either stay a completely anonymous, yet public system or succumb to the big suits of Wall Street.

One thing Davy shares is that institutions may want to consider meme coins because of the social powers and economies of scale; meme coins have exceptionally strong followings and communities, while simultaneously engaging in extensive marketing endeavors and partnerships that add utilities and value to the project.

Passion Venture Capital has always been quick in venturing into new startups and my analysts have spotted the meme coin trend right at the start of it. We did not wait too long to make the decision to invest in it.

For this article and for transparency purposes, I have invested in Kishu Inu at an early stage, an added advantage — Davy J. Goh added.

Taking into consideration the risks and opportunities cryptocurrencies represent, there definitely is a higher degree of research and safety measurements needed when entering such a volatile market and it is especially important to make the distinction between projects that are worth your time, and those that are not. Memecoins are interestingly gaining popularity by the day — however, due to the volatility may not be suitable to risk-averse investors.

Whichever scenario might occur, Passion Venture Capital will adapt and play the market to their investors’ and their own advantage.