Rise from the ashes — Meet Kishu Swap X

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3 min readDec 6, 2022


Since the birth of our “Little meme, big dream”, providing the highest possible quality of partnerships, utilities, and use cases has been our top priority.

We have mentioned it many times; we are only worth as much as our community is satisfied, and we live, decide, and breathe by those words.

Looking at one of our first products, our Kishu Swap, represents a stepping stone for all later partnerships, utilities, and use cases that we have brought to Kishu over the last year and a half.

Kishu Swap in its nature, works as a perfectly safe and sound swap, offering Uniswap V2 features to all users.

Having a reliable swap is the very core of bringing fundamental safety to the crypto space, especially considering recent events, where we have seen yet again, that there is no “too big to fail” in crypto — not even the mighty CEXs.

Decentralized swapping has always been a crucial part of crypto, and nothing will change that.

Encouraged by our fundamental values, current market conditions, and recent events — we are proud to announce that we are revamping one of our oldest products, our Kishu Swap.

Ladies and gents, we present to you our new Kishu Swap X — one of the most up-to-date decentralized swaps out there.

Based on Rubic’s market solutions and swapping solutions, Kishu Swap X is powered by all of their principles, where Rubic is directly responsible for all actions regarding this DEX.

Kishu Swap X offers users an all-in-one solution for all things considered swapping:

-Swap between 16,000+ tokens

-Cross-Chain swapping between. 22+different blockchains in one transaction

-Swapping at the best possible rates, using optimal routing, and bridging systems, which automatically check the most efficient way of conducting transactions

So, how does it work?

First, you have to visit Kishux.Kishu.com

Let’s assume you want to swap your BUSD on BSC, directly to Kishu on ERC20 — you can now do so directly, and it’s only a few clicks away.

It is as simple as it gets — connect your wallet to Kishu Swap X, choose which chain and token you want to swap from, and the chain and token you want to swap to.

After that, simply press “Swap”, and witness the magic!

Kishu Swap X is a game-changer for not just for us, but primarily for our community and all future users of Kishu Swap X, looking to conduct all of their transactions in one place.

One of the special features the swap will be used for is buying back and burning our supply.

Each transaction will have fees that are of normal value to any other transaction on Uniswap- which is used to conduct ANY transaction- but a small portion of the fees will go directly to the Kishu ecosystem, and will be used for buybacks and burns, where the transaction hash will be posted and publicly available to anyone.

If any errors might occur during the course of interacting with any activities available through the swap, please refer to Rubic’s FAQ section or contact Rubic’s support at: https://t.me/RubicSupportBot or email them at support@rubic.finance

We are incredibly thrilled to announce our new, revamped swap, and this is just one of the many utilities, and partnerships we have lined up for you.

Please, show some love and spread the word of Kishu Swap X — and more surprises will follow shortly.

Everything we do, we do for YOU.

Thank you for all of your continuous support and love.

You’ll be hearing from us again very soon!

Until then — take care, and stay safe!



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