Tenshi v2: What is Tenshi v2?

Kishu Inu and Tenshi Community
2 min readMar 7, 2024

“Tenshi” is Japanese for “Angel”

In July 2021, the Kishu Ecosystem welcomed a new member, Tenshi v2, designed as Kishu’s sidekick with a mission to enhance the overall Kishu ecosystem. Tenshi v2 is not just an addition but a pivotal part of the project that introduces advanced tokenomics, enriching the project’s utility and rewarding its holders simply for holding the tokens.

Elevating the Ecosystem

Tenshi v2 stands out with its unique approach to reward systems and utility within the crypto world. It’s more than a companion token; it’s an integral part of the Kishu narrative that brings additional value through:

  • Advanced Tokenomics: By holding Tenshi, participants enjoy benefits directly built into the token’s economic model, designed to reward community members actively.
  • Ethereum Rewards: Tenshi v2 takes reward mechanisms a step further by offering 2% Ethereum rewards to its holders, particularly benefiting those with DEX wallets.

Important Details

Contract Address (CA): 0x52662717e448be36cb54588499d5a8328bd95292
Decimal: 18
Slippage: 3–10%
Supply: 580 million (After a 42% burn from the Total Supply of 1 Billion)

Stay Connected

For the latest updates, insights, and developments, visit Kishu Inu and Tenshi through the official link tree. https://linktr.ee/KishuInuOfficial

Vigilance Against Scams

It’s crucial to remain cautious. Kishu Inu and its sister token, Tenshi, are not subject to migration. Both remain as ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, steadfast in their original form.


Please note that all initiatives within the Kishu Ecosystem are spearheaded by dedicated community volunteers. As such, the functionality, features, and timelines of these projects are fluid and may undergo changes. Participation in these initiatives should not be construed as financial advice. This article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice in any form. We encourage our community members to conduct their own research and consider their financial situations carefully before engaging with any project.