The Relaunch: Introducing Tenshi v2 with Enhanced Tokenomics

Kishu Inu and Tenshi Community
4 min readJul 30, 2021

It’s been a busy summer with one of the exciting headliners being the launch of Tenshi. While the launch wasn’t perfect, we understand imperfection comes with the territory when aiming high and moving fast. One of the unintended features of the Tenshi initial contract launch was it being inflationary.

In this article, we outline how we’re course correcting to set up Tenshi (and Kishu!) for greater heights. We redefined Tenshi’s tokenomics, turning it into something remarkable. You’ll love the new surprise feature!

So how is it going to work?

By the time you’re reading this article, Tenshi v2 (TENSHI) is currently airdropped to your wallets if you were a previous holder of our original Tenshi token. The airdrop is based on a snapshot of holdings at 9:10PM EST, July 29, 2021.

If you don’t see Tenshi v2 (TENSHI) in your wallet automatically, add Tenshi v2 (TENSHI) manually to your wallet using the new token address: 0x52662717e448be36cb54588499d5a8328bd95292. After that, it should appear in your wallet alongside any other tokens you hold.

Time to get down to business.

What are the new tokenomics of Tenshi v2 (TENSHI)?

We discussed how the tokenomics should be structured to incentivize buying Tenshi v2 and simultaneously reward holders in a unique and novel way.

Taxes have been adjusted — from 7% to 8% per transaction which is divided as follows:

• 2% of every transaction will be redistributed and PAID IN ETHEREUM. So, the more Tenshi v2 (TENSHI) you hold, the more ETH you’ll stack! Rewards are automatically distributed periodically throughout the week.
2% will go directly to manual buybacks and burns for Kishu — the wallets will be transparent — meaning everyone will be able to see how many buybacks have been made and in what amounts.
2% will be used for marketing efforts and future endeavors.
2% will be used for operational costs — it will be directly used for further development of both projects and our entire ecosystem.

We are also reducing the total supply to 1 billion — meaning you won’t get the same amount of tokens, but the value of your investment will stay the same. Please note that the total supply does not interfere with any tokenomics we have implemented: you will still get a 2% redistribution on every transaction in ETH just by holding.

You might ask yourself: “How does that benefit me in any way?”

The answer is very simple. Just by holding Tenshi v2 (TENSHI) — which is now deflationary, you earn Ethereum and get better returns on your initial investment.

With the upcoming changes to Ethereum — London Hard Fork, EIP-1559 — Ethereum will become a deflationary asset, meaning its supply will be scarce — just like Bitcoin’s. Also, its gas fees will be significantly reduced, making it more accessible to the masses.

By holding Tenshi, you will directly get a reasonable amount of Ethereum, which will open up a wide spectrum of possibilities for all Tenshi holders.

The decision to rework Tenshi represents our conviction in building something to last. And we think the new tokenomics bring even more sustainability to the entire Kishu Inu ecosystem.

With the changes being made, we have turned Tenshi v2 (TENSHI) into the token we wanted it to be in the first place. Its attractive tokenomics make it a unique addition to the entire meme coin market, which will definitely turn heads.

In addition to marketing for Tenshi v2 (TENSHI), a Dextools campaign is already locked and loaded, so nothing will change in that regard — we will still run the advertising for Kishu’s sidekick — with more marketing being in the works.

With all of this being said, we are incredibly grateful for all of the support our community is showing us.
Our accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without you, so from the whole Kishu team, we thank you dearly.

We are here for you and we are here to stay.

And now, it’s time to spread the word about the better, upgraded version of Kishu’s sidekick — Tenshi v2 (TENSHI)!

Rejoice, victorious times are ahead!

You’ll hear from us soon!

TLDR: Tenshi v2 (TENSHI) is being airdropped to current Tenshi holders as we migrate from and discontinue version 1 of Tenshi. New tokenemics include a 2% redistribution per transaction to Tenshi holders, PAID IN ETH!

Disclaimer: Please note that all initiatives within the Kishu Ecosystem are spearheaded by dedicated community volunteers. As such, the functionality, features, and timelines of these projects are fluid and may undergo changes. Participation in these initiatives should not be construed as financial advice. We encourage our community members to conduct their own research and consider their financial situations carefully before engaging with any project.