Weekly Recap Oct 10 — Oct 17

Hi, Kishu community,

This week has been a blast for us!

The market has been bullish lately, and all the hard work, and persistence of the project throughout the last couple of months, have been reflected adequately in the charts.

You might have noticed how strong our socials have been lately, in hyping up the project and getting as many influencers as possible to post about us.

For the most part, it was YOU who caused the snowball effect; we are reclaiming our popularity and social media hype!

“The voices of Kishu” — Robinhood, Mo & Co. have some surprises planned for the community — AND WE’LL NOW HOST VOICE CHATS ON TWITTER AS WELL!

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is more important than you might think.

Just by taking a look at all the listeners who joined our Twitter Space, you get a good understanding of how important Twitter is for bringing exposure to a project.

Many influencers posting about us have joined the voice chats and liked what they heard.

Attracting influencers, and reaching out to them is part of our marketing plan — as well as proceeding with taking over cities — this time in even more fashion.

Expect more news on this soon!

One event that caused a lot of positive feedback was our Brazil charity event, which was a kick-off for future charity events we will be hosting through our very own non-profit organization — the Kishu Inu Foundation, which will be our main appropriate authority in organizing, contributing, and partnering with other charities, as well as organizing our own events in the future.

Apart from growing this project, we believe in giving more than taking and changing the world around us for the better.

Another topic that has been “hot” lately is OKEx disabling redistribution withdrawals — know that we have contacted them multiple times and that they are looking into the issue, fixing it as soon as possible.

With that being said, we have a lot of things planned for the upcoming weeks, which should be explosive for the entire crypto market — and we understand the importance of capitalizing on the movement.

Expect to hear more news soon!