Weekly Recap Oct 25 — Oct 31

Kishu Inu
2 min readNov 1, 2021


Hi, Kishu community,

This week has been a blast!

Kishu has officially launched its very own NFT platform; Kishu Crate!

Crate is a massive success, which marked the end of one chapter of our lives, but also the beginning of a new one.

With Kishu Crate being launched, we have finished Phase 4 of our Moonmap, and are transitioning into Phase 5, which includes a lot of VERY exciting, and big projects that are already being worked on.

In just two days, all the legendary NFTs on Kishu Crate completely sold out, and over $300,000 has already been staked on the platform. That number is growing as you read this, as the community shows immense interest in the artwork we have to offer.

Kishu Crate Launch

With that said, Kishu has recently entered the Metaverse niche of NFTs — and oh boy we have some exciting news to share! https://kishuverse.kishu.com/

Recently, Kishu has surpassed 235,000 holders, and to celebrate both Kishu Crate, and our holders milestone — we will host another giveaway!

8,888 unique NFTs are available on the Kishuverse, and 10 lucky winners will receive $750 in Kishu/Tenshi or ETH — making them able to mint their very own Kishuverse NFTs. The winners will be randomly chosen based on the serial number they get.

More information about the Kishuverse will be available soon!

Kishuverse NFT

Moving on, you may have seen big influencers on Twitter posting about Kishu, and engaging in discussions with their community about our little meme, big dream.

One of the influencers interested in joining our big dream is David Gokhshtein who recently started posting about Kishu, and showing interest to learn about us!

Many more will join this movement as we grow, especially during the next couple of months.

Apart from continuing our development and marketing endeavors, Kishu has been very successful in participating in charitable activities, who better the lives of those around us.

The Kishu Inu Foundation is firing all cylinders to help those around us, and be the change we want to see in the world.

Recently, we have participated in a charity event in Mozambique, where we donated all necessities needed to local residents for an entire year.

In Guinea, Kishu has donated food, books, notebooks, and other school items for the children — bringing out huge smiles across the board!

Kishu Inu in Guinea Bissau

Kishu has also donated all needed items for animal shelters in Brazil; after all, we have to support our loyal four-legged friends, more so in real life!

In the upcoming weeks, we will start to market heavier than we did up to this point, and you can expect significant advancements in that regard.

Until next week,

Take care!



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