Weekly Recap Sep 12 — Sep 19

Hi Kishu community!

This week’s update will be a shorter one.

To start off this week’s update — markets have started to show signs of meme season coming back — meaning we have started preparing whatever is needed for our master plan to be executed when meme season returns in full blast — we’re pretty sure you know what that means.

I know we have said that our NFT Crate will launch soon — and this time we mean it — it’ll be out VERY soon, even sooner than you think.

On that note, we have been partnering up with some insanely talented artists that will make Kishu’s NFTs one of the most unique in our niche.

Aworld, one of the most creative projects in the NFT space, has made sure that both Kishu and Aworld get presented adequately — as the best in the game.

All of their NFTs are created by hand, meaning they are not procedural, and not generated. The amazing works for art are created by incredibly talented artists, who have spent countless hours creating them.

50 Genesis animals have been auctioned, and they include super limited edition Kishu NFTs.


The amazing artworks are already available at https://opensea.io/collection/aworld.

By using our special referral link, you directly support A World, while also supporting and generating Kishu’s marketing endeavors — https://www.aworld.vip/?address=0x90ead86fca54ee9a1fe1c55c0ace5896f4319802

Moving on, a new Tesla winner has been drawn out of the 4,400 entries — and the new winner is: 0xB182712945c71eD2ada907acbEFbDC78A95F9d6c!

Make sure to follow the rules on Telegram, and contact Kishu Man to go through the verification process.

One of our loyal community members, Pooya, has shown once again incredible determination in promoting our project and spreading awareness while adding real-world use cases; his cosmetics shop LANCO Cosmetics, located in West Azerbaijan, Boukan — has started to accept Kishu as a form of payment.

Pooya, along with other incredibly determined community members, like our favorite Youtuber KTS Series, should be seen as an example of how exceptionally important community work is in elevating a project to new heights.

Just like we have said before — we are finishing Phase 4, and soon we will announce Phase 5 of our Moon Map — which will include A LOT of exciting events that directly engage with our community and grow the project at the same time.

We can’t stress the importance of community enough — especially in a decentralized, community-driven project like ours.

With that said, we appreciate each and every one of you and appreciate all the support you’re showing.

Until next week,