Hi everyone,

This week’s recap will be a short, but informative one.

Firstly, I wanted to address a question that’s been popping up frequently, regarding the team.

Some of you may wonder where some of the oldest members of our team are; they are all here, just taking some time to sort their personal lives. The last couple of months were very stressful for the entire team — we have been working around the clock to deliver on everything we have promised, and more. Many of us have put Kishu before our private lives, and a balance needed to be established.

With that being said, everyone from the team is working in the back office, preparing many exciting news and events for the project.

Let’s kick off this week’s recap with something we have been announcing for a while; Kishu’s NFT Crate.

The time has finally come to let it out to the public — and it will be launching shortly, with a beta farm. Every NFT gained through the beta farm will be as valid as the ones in the main launch, however, we thought it would be best to launch a testing version before. We have partnered up with talented artists in the NFT Space, which will enrich the artwork created on our very own NFT platform.

It is a beyond exciting period of our project, as it symbolizes the finish of Phase 4 of our moon map and the beginning of phase 5. Phase 5 is still in the works — it needs some polishing, but it will be released in due time.

Moving on, Kishu got listed on FegEX, FEG’s exchange!

This could be the beginning of an impactful DeFi fusion, which could lead to bigger things down the line.

This week, we will also go through the entries of the Tesla competition, where 1 lucky winner will be the owner of a brand new car (if external factors disallow it, the equivalent value in stablecoins will be sent out to the winner).
We will update you in due time.

Another thing we’d like to touch on is something we have been planning on emphasizing a lot in phase 5, and that’s community engagement and effort.
We feel as our community is the cradle of the project, and that it should be included a lot more in building the project.

That being said, Kishu’s community consists of some extremely sharp, talented minds — which don’t get enough recognition, or a chance to shine — and we want to change that.

Expect to see a lot more community engagement and community say in deciding the development of the project.

To finish off this week’s recap; we decided to have some fun and drop a little teaser of our future merch shop — with new, attractively designed items.
In the professional promo video of our London takeover — which is insanely cool — you can see some of the new items that will be included in our new swag shop, once everything is ready — tell us what you think!

Kishu Inu in London!

Well, that’s it for this week.

We are working on a lot of different projects in the background, that we will announce in due time.

Until next week, take care!

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