Hi Kishu community!

This week’s update will be a shorter one.

To start off this week’s update — markets have started to show signs of meme season coming back — meaning we have started preparing whatever is needed for our master plan to be executed when meme season returns in full blast — we’re pretty sure you know what that means.

I know we have said that our NFT Crate will launch soon — and this time we mean it — it’ll be out VERY soon, even sooner than you think.

On that note, we have been partnering up with…

Hi everyone,

This week’s recap will be a short, but informative one.

Firstly, I wanted to address a question that’s been popping up frequently, regarding the team.

Some of you may wonder where some of the oldest members of our team are; they are all here, just taking some time to sort their personal lives. The last couple of months were very stressful for the entire team — we have been working around the clock to deliver on everything we have promised, and more. …

Hi, Kishu community,

This week has been slightly slower, compared to the ones we had previously.

What’s been happening behind the scenes?

As we near the launch of our Kishu NFT Crate, we have been working around the clock to find talented artists and partners that will elevate the project to new heights, and finish Phase 4 of our moon map.

Our first partners for the Kishu NFT Crate, are Pet Puppies NFT!

Their work consists of some crazy cute puppies, which differ one from another through their breed, costumes, accessories, etc.

They are also doing a giveaway of 5…

With the upcoming release of KISHU CRATE, our NFT platform, we have been on the lookout for many artists and projects to partner with, to turn it into the best version it can be.

We are excited to announce KISHU CRATE’s first featured artist: Pet Puppies (petpuppiesnft.com)! Pet Puppies will be doing a GIVEAWAY of 5 NFTs to our community, and making 5 additional NFTs available for farming as part of the CRATE beta!

The requirements for entering the giveaway are as follow:

1. You need to be holding at least $100 of Kishu Inu
2. You need to retweet, like…

Hi Kishu Community,

This week we have returned to our roots, and refurbished an older, yet very effective marketing strategy, for which we got famous very fast — taking over cities!

The last three days, Kishu and Tenshi took over London’s Canary Wharf — one of the wealthiest parts of the city, located near some of London’s main attractions!

Inbound and outbound — it is the only way to get into the heart of the city or out of it — which means high traffic, and exposure for our projects!

In total, we had 4 billboards — two on each…

Hi everyone,

Sharing a quick update regarding Kishu Swag’s presale. Apologies for it taking so long, but it took a while for us to hear back from the manufacturer.

It turns out, the presale did not hit the minimum number of orders per unit that would be required for the manufacturer. That means two things.

1) For the people who participated in the presale:
⁃ All orders have already been fully refunded. You should see confirmation of that in your email.
⁃ You are eligible to receive $50 worth KISHU tokens as compensation for the wait. In order to receive…

Hi, Kishu community,

This week has been a breather compared to the previous ones.
We have primarily set our aim and focus at Kishu’s NFT CRATE, which we have presented through a sneak peek.

Our volunteer team working on CRATE is giving their everything to release it as soon as possible.

With that being said, you can find more information about our Kishu NFT CRATE here.

Marketing materials for both Kishu and Tenshi are in preparation, and you will soon enough see us take over another city.

Negotiations are coming to an end, and the deals are about to be…


Hi Kishu Community!

Our volunteer team working on KISHU CRATE (NFT farm/marketplace) has prepared a sneak peek as they get ready to launch it soon. You can check out the video here: https://youtu.be/DgZfyhHY-3U

Let’s jump into some quick callouts (we will add more FAQs as CRATE is released and we receive feedback).

What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are representations of collectibles on the blockchain. NFTs, often considered digital art, are one of the biggest trends in crypto these days.

What’s the benefit of CRATE?

CRATE gives KISHU holders more utility with their tokens by allowing…

Hi Kishuanians,

We hope you are doing well.

Another eventful week is behind us where even more real-world use cases were added to the Kishu ecosystem.

So, let’s get started!

As you might have seen already, Kishu now has a new brand ambassador!

The legendary football midfielder, Arturo Vidal, endorsed Kishu!

Arturo Vidal, a football legend who played for the biggest teams in the world, like Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern, etc. has now been transferred to team Kishu!

His huge following of 15.5M on Instagram, combined with his presence on other socials will help spread awareness about Kishu.

Moving on, Kishu…

Hi Kishu army!

Another week has passed since the last time you heard from us, and I think it’s safe to say that it was one of the more eventful weeks we had in a long time.

Calling it eventful is even an understatement; we literally had news every. single. day.

As the markets have finally started showing signs of recovery, we thought it would be appropriate to start off strong and reward our community with some positive news all week long.

So, what has happened and how did it impact us?

First things first.

Kishu has partnered up with…

Kishu Inu

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